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"Silverwolf contains a very active plot. I really enjoyed the storytelling" - Barnes and Noble


Who doesn't love a far-future novel of evil megacorps?" -io9



Jacey Bedford writes fantasy and science fiction, she's been published on both sides of the Atlantic. Her seven books (so far) are published by DAW: Empire of Dust, Crossways, and Nimbus, Psi-Tech novels. (Science fiction/space opera.) Plus the Rowankind Trilogy: Winterwood, Silverwolf, and Rowankind (Historical fantasy set in 1800 with a cross-dressing female privateer captain, a jealous ghost and a wolf shapechanger.) Followed by a standalone historical fantasy, The Amber Crown..

Her writing blog, Tales from the Typeface is on Wordpress. Writing advice and the writing-relevant minutiae of a writer's life.

Her personal blog is on Dreamwidth What does she blog about? Books, movies, local history, family history, reminiscences, music, things that interest her on a local or global scale.

She has a Facebook presence and she blogs what she reads on Goodreads (see panel below). She's also active on Instagram, though not so much now on Twitter.

Jacey is secretary of the Milford SF Writers' Conference, an annual workshopping week for published SF writers, and she's also the coordinator for the Northwrite SF writers' group.


“Bedford confidently mixes magic and romance in this spellbinding fantasy.” - Publisher's Weekly on The Amber Crown.


Advice for writers.

Apply the seat of your pants to a chair, your fingers to the keyboard and write. When you've finished, polish what you've written. When it's as good as you can possibly make it, format it correctly and submit it. Then apply the seat of your pants to your chair again... etc. Rinse and repeat. There is no other way. If you don't write it and send it out, you'll never get published.




"Intrigue-heavy, multi-viewpoint plotting with human stories featuring characters you care about – a rare feat in this genre." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)


"WINTERWOOD, the first book in Jacey Bedford's new series, Rowankind, combines historical fiction, magic, shapeshifters, a strong female lead and top it all off with pirates. The result was thoroughly satisfying." - Fresh Fiction


"Bedford adeptly weaves together romance, action, and fantastical elements... Conflict both nautical and emotional keeps things exciting." Publishers Weekly (Winterwood)