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"Silverwolf is an easy and quick read but contains a very active plot. I really enjoyed the storytelling" - Barnes and Noble


"Bedford adeptly weaves together romance, action, and fantastical elements, all set against a richly realized series of far-flung locations. Conflict both nautical and emotional keeps things exciting." Publishers Weekly (Winterwood)


"Bedford builds a taut story around the dangers of a new world.... Readers who crave high adventure and tense plots will enjoy this voyage into the future." - Publishers Weekly ( Empire of Dust)


Who doesn't love a far-future novel of evil megacorps and their telepathic agents? Nobody, that's who. In this one, there's a fun twist: the "Psi-Tech" implants drive you insane unless you stay connected to the company that put them in you. Until one agent, Cara Carlinni, figures out how to go rogue without losing her mind." -io9


"WINTERWOOD, the first book in Jacey Bedford's new series Rowankind, combines all sorts of delicious elements into a delectable whole. Urban fantasy, historical fiction, magic, shapeshifters, a strong female lead and top it all off with pirates. I certainly couldn't resist the temptation, and the result was thoroughly satisfying." - Fresh Fiction


"Bedford’s punchy, readable style propels the reader easily through the complexities of the well-paced plot, and her world-building, whilst utilising some tropes, also displays interesting and original touches which bode well for future novels." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)


"The skill of this book lies in Bedford’s ability to seamlessly combine intrigue-heavy, multi-viewpoint plotting with human stories featuring characters you care about – a rare feat in this genre." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)



Jacey Bedford writes fantasy and science fiction, she's been published on both sides of the Atlantic. Her first five books are published by DAW: Empire of Dust, Crossways, and Nimbus, Psi-Tech novels. They are science fiction/space opera. Plus Winterwood and Silverwolf the first two Rowankind Books - historical fantasy set in 1800 with a cross-dressing female privateer captain, a jealous ghost and a wolf shapechanger. Jacey's under contract for Rowankind, the third in the Rowankind trilogy, due in late 2018


Her writing blog, Tales from the Typeface is on Wordpress. You can follow her writing history from the offer of her debut three book deal with DAW as it happens, plus pick up writing advice and the writing-relevant minutiae of a writer's life.


Her personal; blog is on Dreamwidth and is still mirrored to its old hoime, Live Journal. What does she blog about? Writing, books, movies, local history, family history, reminiscences, music, things that interest her on a local or global scale. What doesn't she blog about? She doesn't use her blog as therapy.


She's on Twitter @jaceybedford also has a Facebook presence and she blogs what she reads on Goodreads (see panel below).


Jacey is co-organiser of the Milford SF Writers' Conference, an annual workshopping week for published SF writers and she's also the coordinator for the Northwrite SF writers' group. She maintains the Milford blog at milfordsfwriters.wordpress.com

A firm advocate of critique groups Jacey was a member of the (now defunct) Recog email crit group for eight years and thanks all her co-critiquers for their excellent input. Now, in addition to attending Milford annually, she takes part in Northwrite SF, a quarterly face-to-face critique group for speculative fiction writers within striking distance of the north of England. Jacey maintains the Northwrite website and you'll find her links for writers there.

Chesk out Milford here: www.milfordSf.co.uk

Advice for writers.

Apply the seat of your pants to a chair, your fingers to the keyboard and write. When you've finished, polish it. When it's as good as you can possibly make it, format it correctly and submit it. Then apply the seat of your pants to your chair again... etc. Rinse and repeat. There is no other way. If you don't write it and send it out there, you'll never get published.





News: 2017
6th December
My story 'The Stolen Shoes' will be in Enchanted Conversations - a Fairy Tale Magazine on 8th December. It's the Elves and the Shoemaker edition so no prizes for guessing what the story's about, but it's a complete switch-around.
28th November
New post on my blog: My Top Ten Children’s Books – a Personal List
14th November
New post on my blog: NaNoWriMo – almost the halfway point
30th October
My blog post has news of my new book contract for Rowankind.
26th October
My blog post about committing trilogy is up at Skiffy and Fanty:
20th October
An interview by Carl Slaughter for File 770
18th October
My guest blog post is up at The Qwillery.
17th October
There's a really thoughtful review of Empire of Dust here.
16th October
My new blog post about The Writer's Pen is up now.

6th October
Dag Rambraut has interviewed me for SFFworld.com. Read it here.

Nimbus cover3rd October


My 5th novel NIMBUS is published today.

3rd October
My blog post 'They Came in Their Thousands,' about my Belgian refugee/World War One story is up on Alma Alexanders website. I have a story called The Horse Head Violin in her upcoming anthology 'Children of a Different Sky.'
3rd October
My blog post is up on the Milford blog: 'Things I didn't Know When I started to Write a Trilogy'
3rd October
My blog post 'Happy Book Day To Me' is up on my own blog.

26th September
Looking forward to Fantasycon at The Bull Hotel and Conference Centre, Westgate, Peterborough, PE1 1RB, this coming weekend. (28th Sept to 1st Oct) I'll be doing three panels.

  • Playing with the Real - Saturday 1.30pm (Panel Room 3)
  • Writing Mentors & Writing Groups - Sunday 11.00am (Panel Room 1)
  • Writing Research - Sunday 1pm (Panel Room 1)
21st September
New blog post I Am/Am Not a Word Machine
9th - 16th September Live Blogging from the Milford SF Writers' Conference
3rd September
All about the Zombies Need Brains kickstarter for the anthology I'm in: 'Second Round'
21st August
Blogpost: What I learned about Tallinn that I couldn't have found in a Guidebook.
9th - 13th August
Worldcon in Helsinki
I have one panel on Sunday afternoon 13th August: 15:00 - 16:00, 216 (Messukeskus) History as World Building. Using knowledge and research of real-life history as world-building fantasy and science fiction. Thomas Årnfelt, Jacey Bedford, Heather Rose Jones (M), Jo Walton, Angus Watson

4st August
Blog Archive links

27th July
New blog post:
Bladdered or Shitfaced? The gentle art of word choice and the bogglement of page-proofing.
11th July
New blog post Corwen Silverwolf Speaks
26th June
New blog post History Lends Perspective
13th June
New blog post Life, Death and the Writer’s Pen

28th May
New blog post Some Random Thoughts on Revisions and Edits

16th May
New blog post on Due Process
2nd May
New blog post on Worldbuilding for a Series
20th April
New blog post on Committing Trilogy

19th April
Two pairs of Rowankind books (Winterwood and Silverwolf) will be up for auction at Con or Bust on 24th April to raise funds to send fans of colour to conventions.

4th April
New blog post on Cover reveal NIMBUS
22nd March
New blog post on Stories Far and Near
21st February
New blog post on Agent Update
17th February
New Blog post available now on Keeping your Nose to the Grindstone.
10th February
I'm sad to say goodbye to my literary agent, Amy Boggs, but delighted to announce that my new literary agent is Donald Maass of DMLA
4th February
I am interviewed for File 770. With a book giveaway. Thanks to Mike Glyer for hosting and Carl Slaughter for writing.

28th January
My guest post for the Qwilley on half-and-half worldbuilding is now up.

27th January
My guest post on Beginning at the Beginning is now up at Unbound Worlds.
24th January
My blog post on Ten Quick Tips for Writers is available now
16th January
My guest post is up on the I Smell Sheep blog. Corwen speaks out.
14th January
My guest blog on alt.history versus historical fantasy on Arched Doorway.
9th January
My post on the publication of Silverwolf is up today on my blog

Silverwolf3rd January


Silverwolf is out today!

3rd January
Great to see Silverwolf mentioned in new releases at Tor.com
3rd January
What Has Milford Ever Done for Me? My guest blog post is up on the Milford blog today.
3rd January
Nice review of Silverwolf from JoJo the Bookaholic:

News: 2014, 2015 & 2016
Earlier news archive is here...