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"Bedford builds a taut story around the dangers of a new world.... Readers who crave high adventure and tense plots will enjoy this voyage into the future." - Publishers' Weekly (Empire of Dust)


"The skill of this book lies in Bedford’s ability to seamlessly combine intrigue-heavy, multi-viewpoint plotting with human stories featuring characters you care about – a rare feat in this genre." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)


"Who doesn't love a far-future novel of evil megacorps and their telepathic agents? Nobody, that's who. In this one, there's a fun twist: the "Psi-Tech" implants drive you insane unless you stay connected to the company that put them in you. Until one agent, Cara Carlinni, figures out how to go rogue without losing her mind." -


"The science is cool and can be played with and used in many different ways, although it does have its limits, which create their own problems." Joshua Palmatier on the DAW Books Blog


"@JaceyBedford Loved the complex characters, the strong female lead, and the twists & turns. Looking forward to the next 2! #EmpireofDust" — Cedric de Coning


The Psi-Tech Trilogy

Empire of DustEmpire of Dust
Psi-Tech #1

DAW: 4th November 2014,
Mass market paperback

ISBN 13: 9780756410162,
ISBN 10:

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Who to trust when your life is on the line? Is there anywhere in the known universe that is safe for a telepath who knows too much? Implant enhanced psi-techs, telepathy, foldspace, new worlds, megacorporations, corporate greed, lies, betrayal, fanatics, loyalty, love. Cara is on the run from her former lover. Ben Benjamin could provide the getaway that she needs, but Ben has his own troubles and soon they have a common problem. If they get it wrong a whole colony could pay the price.

Psi-Tech #2

DAW 4th August 2015,
Mass market paperback
ISBN-10: 0756410177

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And all the usual bookstores

A search for survivors becomes a battle for survival.
Renegade psi-techs, struggle for independence, a coalition of crimelords, technical innovation, family in danger, something dark in foldspace that could change the future of humanity in space. Ben and Cara have promised to find a missing ark ship containing thirty thousand colonists frozen in cryo, but they are now on everyone's 'most wanted' list, their only refuge a renegade space station full of criminals.

Psi-Tech #3
DAW 3rd October 2017,
Mass market paperback

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Something is stirring in the cold depths of foldspace and if Cara and Ben can't convince the megacorps that they need to take notice, then humankind's time amongst the stars may be coming to an end.

The Rowankind Trilogy

Rowankind #1
DAW, February 2016

Mass market paperback

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It's 1800, Ross (Rossalinde) Tremayne, cross-dressing privateer captain and witch, inherits two things from her embittered dying mother. One is David, a half-brother she never knew about, and the other is a task she doesn't want: to open a winterwood box, magically sealed by her distant ancestor. On Ross' side she has her rag-tag crew of barely reformed pirates, her conflicted new brother, the jealous ghost of her dead husband, a dashing piratical admirer, and a sexy wolf shapechanger. (Please don't ever call him a werewolf. Just dont!) Ranged against her are the Kingsmen, who would hang her for murder and piracy; the Mysterium, who would hang her for witchcraft, and a powerful agent of the Crown who fights magic with darker magic.

Rowankind #2
DAW, 3rd January 2017

Mass market paperback

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Magic is changing and the ripples are rolling outwards as the rowankind's awakening begins to have repercussions. The direction of the industrial revolution could be changed. Social and magical strife are affecting all levels of society, even as far as a landowner in Yorkshire whose third son happens to be a wolf shapechanger. Ross and Corwen are caught up in major events as they battle magical creatures let loose upon the countryside, and try to help Corwen's family after tragedy strikes. Corwen's brother Freddie has gone missing somewhere in London. Is he in hiding or has he been taken by the Mysterium?

Rowankind #3
DAW 27th November 2018

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The rowankind are free, but that's not an end to their problems. Nor is it an end to Ross and Corwen's. A troubled shapechanging brother; a task given to them by the Fae; a missing witch; a truce with France (yes that is a problem if you're a privateer) and a Fae marriage that's more than it seems; the return of an old enemy, and an old friend; a hunt for a dangerous book. More twists and turns in the story of Corwen and Ross.